Director’s Meeting

BCHC Kern Sierra Unit

Directors’ Meeting Minutes for February 6, 2017

Robert Anderson’s home

1. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Sylvia Chavez at 1900 hours.
2. Members present: Patty Montoya, Scott Rogers, Mark Seitz, Lynn Joiner, Tammy Bozarth, Curtis Harms, Pat Mumford, Steve Cozzetto, Rob Anderson, Peggy Whitaker, Renee Williams, Sylvia Chavez
3. Visitors: Nate Bozarth and Sharon Bogan.
4. Minutes were approved as corrected. (Corrections: Mari James was also present and the Dec. meeting was deemed to NOT be an organizational meeting.) Lynn made a motion to approve as corrected, and Scott 2nd the motion, and passed unanimously.
5. President’s Report:
a. The state officer’s meeting will be Feb. 11th in Santa Nella and Central Cal Officers Training will be 10 a.m to 3 p.m. at Hilmar on Feb. 18th.
b. Sylvia encouraged everyone to attend the Rendezvous in March.
6. Committee Reports
a. Treasurer: Rob Anderson submitted the January treasurer report.
i. The state tax return was paid in 2016 so the check to the state was voided as already paid.
ii. Lynn moved to accept the report and Mark 2nd the motion, the motion was passed.
b. Education: Tammy Bozarth passed out information on upcoming events and possible events.
i. Lynn will be at the Kern County museum on Feb. 23rd representing the Wilderness Riders and sharing Leave No Trace philosophy. LNT has developed a program designed for children.
ii. Tammy presented her vision of establishing an interactive display at the Lori Brock museum of BCHC packing techniques. Mark moved that Tammy will pursue the vision of developing an interactive display at LBM. Lynn 2nd, and it was approved.
iii. Tammy said we need a rack to hold educational materials. Rob made a motion we pay up to $150.00 for a rack to hold our educational information. Curtis 2nd and it was approved.
c. Membership: Pat Mumford reported we have 114 members. Pat sent letters to everyone whose membership expired this year. There was discussion regarding how we can improve communication.
d. Newsletter: Carmen Coyle would appreciate submissions. Send stories of trips, share locations, helpful hints on travel, animal care, recipes, etc. Sylvia submitted a president’s letter.
e. Public Land Issues: Steve said that the Mt. Pinos Ranger station is offering a crosscut training. See the Forestry website.
f. BCHC Calendar Sales Update: Lynn said the state has made $79,000 in sales this year.
7. Old Business
a. Gun Raffle: Tammy reported that the gun was not purchased because the Fred Hall Central Valley Sports Show denied our application because they were full. Next year we will apply in October.
b. Bylaws and Revisions: Mark, Steve and Robert have completed the revisions, sent copies to members for review, and it will be voted on next month.
c. Policy portion:
i. It was suggested that we clarify the guidelines for chairmen of events to help with communication and avoid confusion.
ii. During the audit it became apparent that since some expenses by their nature are yearly that it would be in our best interests to address these at the December or January meeting each year.
iii. Expenses must be submitted for approval prior to receipts being submitted and paid.
d. Audit Report:
i. Mark, Tammy, and Patty reviewed the books for 2016. Mark reported the books were audited and found that all but 3 checks were verified by receipts. Through further investigation those three were also verified.
ii. The audit committee found that on at least one occasion alcohol was on a receipt. Mark made a motion that there should be no reimbursements for alcohol. Lynn 2nd the motion and it was approved.
8. New business:
a. Lynn suggested that we support the One Spade Packers, a youth group under the tutelage of Reed Hopkins. Kern River Valley takes “at risk” kids, teaches them to pack, and then compete at Bishop Mule Days. Scott made a motion to donate $500, Steve 2nd the motion, and it was approved.
b. Fundraising ideas for 2017: Tammy has explored ideas for raffling a rifle suggested we purchase a Henry 22 possibly with BCHC engraved as a trophy gun. After discussion, Patty made a motion to purchase a rifle, not to exceed $600.00 and to sell 100 tickets for $20 each. The sell is to last until the tickets are all sold or August, whichever is first. Steve 2nd the motion and it passed.
c. 2017 KSU activity calendar tentative schedule suggestions:
i. Steve suggested Carrizo Plains or Tejon Ranch. Scott made a motion we choose Carrizo Plains for April 22nd and April 29th as a rain date. Steve 2nd the motion and it passed. Steve and Lynn will co-chair the event as an Open ride for all membership.
ii. Scott suggested we participate in the Windwolves Naturefest again this year.. Mark made a motion we have an educational booth on March 11th and 12th. Curtis 2nd the motion and it passed.
iii. Other suggestions that were not voted on were: Dutch oven cooking and packing demos at Rancho Rio, Glennville ride in May, Montano de Oro and Mt. Pinos in the summer, and Caliente Team Penning in Sept.
d. Tammy asked if anyone is interested in chain saw training. She took names and will get more information.
e. Scott submitted a written presentation to increase membership. To be discussed at the next meeting.
9. Upcoming Meetings: The next meeting will be at Spencer’s Restaurant on Rosedale Hwy on March 6th
10. Rob made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Tammy 2nd the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 2111 hours.