2018 BCHC KSU Annual  events

Jan         13th    Officers Training  Fresno

Feb        9th 10th  State meeting    Santa Nella


2nd– 4th Hall Sports Show- Education Booth

3RD 4TH  Wind Wolves  Preserve Annual Spring Nature Festival


7th Spring Ride Location: Cattani Ranch in Twin Oaks

13-15th   Rendezvous   Paso Robles

22nd Earth Day      Sunday Trail Cleanup      location TBA


7th- Board of Directors meeting, general members always welcome, 6:00PM Marie Callenders, California Avenue

19-20th Midnight Pewitt   TMP memorial     19th Education Booth


2nd National Trails Day, work project TBA

4th– General Membership meeting, members urged to attend, 6:00PM Tony’s Pizza 4750 Coffee Road

8-10th  Glenville Rodeo    Education booth

July        Work Projects  – Gray Meadow

Aug        Work Projects- Gray Meadow

Sept       1-3rd Caliente  Team Penning         2nd Education Booth

Oct         Fall Ride   Red Rock canyon

Nov        16th -18th Cowboy Market Place Rancho Rio Education Booth

Dec        3rd  Christmas Dinner


Dates for the  Pioneer Village  Youth Education program

February   22nd California History Day

March 22nd  Frontier Life

April 12th California History Day

May 3rd Frontier Life