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BCHC Kern Sierra Unit

Directors’ Meeting Minutes

Directors’ Meeting Agenda Monday Sept 9th

Lynn Joiner’s Home 16347 Stephenie Rd.


Call to Order   President Tammy Bozarth called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

  1. Announcements – Rendezvous will be held in Red Bluff in 2020 and Tulare in 2021.
  2. Roll Call: Patty
    1. Officers present: Tammy Bozarth, Sylvia Chavez, Steve Cozzetto, Kathy Ervin, Curtis Harms, Mari James, Lynn Joiner,   Patty Montoya, Pat Mumford, Peggy Whitaker,  Renee Williams,  Jeanne Walford, Robert Anderson.
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting – none, there was no quorum at the June 1, 2019 meeting.
  4. President’s Report
    1. Tammy reported on the update for the proposed “Minor Members” designation. Minor members will not be voting members and must have an adult member accept responsibility during rides. They will also need a parental release to a third party.
    2. Jamie Wilson is new first vice president/insurance for state level.
    3. Tammy is 2nd vice president of service and vice president of youth.
  5. Treasurer’s Report-Robert distributed Jan. to Aug. treasure reports, Peggy moved we accept as submitted and Pat 2nd, passed.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Education – Tammy is actively working on youth projects.
    2. Membership – Pat reported we have 75 members.
    3. Newsletter – Pat/Carmen Time to get information in for next issue
    4. Website update – Pat: nothing new over the summer.
    5. Facebook update- Chrystal – not present
    6. Public Lands – Steve
      1. Stock management plan comment period Oct. 31st for Yosemite.
      2. Senate Bill “Restore our Parks”, BCHA would like us to send in comments and opinions.
  • Tahoe National Forest – ebikes are trying to get access to trails claiming they are not motorized.
  1. Robert shared information on the Forest Plan.
    1. We are “overforested” and need to reduce number of trees in forest. Fires can get so hot that the soil is damaged and sometimes causes problems with regrowth.
    2. PCT has a bike free zone. (1/2 mile each side)
  2. Committee Report Updates on works in progress:
    1. Policy and Procedures Pat, Peggy, Lynn co-chairs are reviewing.
  3. Old Business
    1. June 1st General membership meeting at Patty’s – No meeting/minutes because we did not have a quorum.
    2. Kern River Hart Park trail cleanup National Trails day was June 1st.  Volunteers performed cleanup and cut back overgrowth.
    3. Grey meadow – Clicks Creek trail work – Lynn & Robert cleared 92 trees in 4 days. Robert had a chainsaw waiver.  (He had to first go in and take pictures of trees and submit to authorities to get permission.) Forest Supervisor rode up with Robert to observe situation.
    4. Lynn made a motion that we pay to re-sharpen his saws at a cost of $80. Patty 2nd.


  1. New Business
  2. Fall ride – not planning on a Fall ride but will plan on a Spring ride.  Possibly at the Loop Ranch.
  3. Bus trip to Horse Expo in Pomona on November 9th. Sylvia is organizing. About $40 per person for bus.  $20 admission.  Sylvia suggested 4H horse project children be free or ½ price with paying adult. 7:30 a.m to 7:30 p.m.  Mari made the motion that we reserve bus for November 9th, 2nd by Pat, passed.  Pat will ask Carmen to make a flyer and she will assist Sylvia.

Robert moved that we offer ½ price bus price for 4H horse project members who are accompanied by a paying adult, Lynn 2nd, passed.  Kids 12 and under are free admission to expo.

  1. Sportsman show – March 13th – 15th at fairgrounds. $300 fee for booth. Pat moved we reserve a booth and Cathi 2nd.  Passed.
  2. Rifle Raffle: $20 ticket for limited number of tickets.  Robert will go and look at available rifles.
  3. e. Cowboy Marketplace Christmas – booth expense.  Tabled until next month.
  4. Christmas Dinner – Raffle Items – Honoree will be Mylon Filkins.  Curtis made motion that we      donate up to $150 for gift, Robert 2nd, passed.

Congratulations to Steve for meeting with Vice President Pence.   Steve was an invited speaker.

Next Meeting  October 7th, at Lynn’s.

  1. Adjourn Meeting 8:45 p.m.



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