Submitted by Robert Anderson

On August 21, Lynn Joiner and Robert Anderson headed into Grey Meadow to clear trees for four days. Robert received a 4 day chainsaw exception and wanted to make it count. The next four days were busy with a total of 13 miles of trails cleared of 92 trees.

This project cleared all the trails from Grey meadow to the Little Kern Bridge, Jerky Trailhead, Lewis Camp Trailhead, Click’s Creek Trailhead and up to Lion Meadow. Some of the trees were almost 5 foot diameter. It was long days, mostly getting back to camp between 5 and 6 PM.

Thank goodness Lynn is so handy in the kitchen, we had great dinners and still had time for dominoes each night.

We rode out on Saturday with a great feeling of accomplishment. The next trip I took in was to Grey and Lion Meadows. How nice it was to ride the two trails with the most trees down and see the trail open all the way. Oh yes, if Lynn says her pack mule can’t buck, call me!!!!!