BCHC Kern Sierra Unit

Minutes of the Board Meeting

October 3, 2023

Lynn Joiner’s home

I. The meeting was called to order by President Curtis Harms at 6:35 PM.

II. The following Directors were present: Lynn Joiner, Curtis Harms, Steve Cozzetto,Jeanne Walford , Renee Williams,Sylvia Chavez,Tom Masters and Kahty Ponce-Ervin.

III. The minutes of the May 1th meeting were approved as corrected on a motion by Lynn and a second by Pat.

IV. We have $10,439.31 in our bank account.

V. Committee Reports

a. Our membership is 53.

b, We discussed our Fall Ride and the Board will donated all the food for the ride.

VI. New Business

a. Our Annuall Meeting will be held at Wool Growers on December Tuesday 5, 2023.

The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Lynn and a second by Jeanne at

7:36 PM..

Respectfully Submitted

Lynn Joiner, Secretary