BCHC Kern Sierra Unit
Minutes of the Board Meeting

March 7, 2022
Lynn Joiner’s home

I. The meeting was called to order by Acting President Tammy Bozarth at 6:12 PM.

II. The following Directors were present: Lynn Joiner, Dan Shuggart, Curtis Harms, Steve Cozzetto, Renee Williams, Jeanne Walford , Peggy Whitaker, Tammy Bozarth, Kathy Irvin and Tom Masters. Pat and Mari via the phone. Harriet Parma and Melanie Shuggart were also in attendance.

III. The minutes of the February 7th meeting were approved on a motion by Kathy and a second by Curtis.

IV. Committee Reports

a. Tammy stated that she and Lynn would be attending Officers Training on March 19th in Ororville.

b. Steve said that the Forest Service likes our Saw Program. He stated that we need to leave a directive form on our trucks at the trailhead in case we have any accidents and someone else brings our stock out,

c. Our membership is 63.

d. The Sports Show is Mach 10-13th please sign up to work.

e. On a motion by Lynn and a second by Jeanne we voted to charge $25 per rider for the Spring Ride and $5 per poker hand.

f. The Spring Ride will be April 23rd at Hart Park. We will do the gun raffle there and have our Annual Meeting on a motion by Jeannie and a second by Rene. Motion carried.

V. Our next meeting will be held on May 2, 2022.

The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Lynn and a second by Peggy at 7:30 PM..

Respectfully Submitted
Lynn Joiner, Secretary