President’s Letter


March 2018

Well I would love to be saying “sure wish spring would get here” but unlike many parts of the country we here in California have had Spring all Winter long. We sure need rain! We have a couple of events coming up that we hope you will take part in. Our Annual Spring Poker Ride on April 7th at the Cattani Ranch in Twin Oaks and the Rendezvous in Paso Robles at the Event Center the April 13, 14 and 15th. Look for more information below and the ride flyer/signup form elsewhere in the Newsletter.
I had the privilege of representing you as the KSU Delegate at the Spring State Meeting the 9th and 10th of this month. I, along with Lynn Joiner, our State Treasurer, and Tammy Bozarth, our State 2nd Vice President in charge of Education, ventured up to Santa Nella for the meetings. As a delegate I was not expected to attend the State Board meetings on Friday evening but could sit in for the Dinner Meeting as there were other no Board Members that wished to attend. I enjoyed the kind of behind the scenes discussions and board votes that took place before the General Meetings on Saturday. Like our two State Officers, they all put in many, many volunteer hours because of their dedication to BCHC. I thank them all for all they do to keep BCHC for all to benefit from.
An update on HR1349 (allowing bicycles in the wilderness) was thwarted, in part by the efforts of the BCHA. Through many hours of meetings and letters from BCHC and BCHA members, like you, it looks like HR1349 will not be voted on because a key Senator for Montana withdrew his support and the EMBA (Enduro Mountain Bike Association) decided against supporting the bill.
Some of the issues brought up before the General Meeting included such things as: Our big BCHC fundraiser event of the year, the Rendezvous, at the Paso Robles Event Center April 13-15th. Because of the high expense of space rental to hold the event we will be somewhat limited this year with our use area being limited to the large covered arena, rented stalls for exhibitors and the building just north of the arena. Being the folks that BCHC members are we will work hard to make the best of situation. This event along with a share of membership dues funds all State expense issues, legal issues, publications, education and Unit help throughout the year.
Paso Robles is an easy drive from our area and the weather should be great so please do your very best to spend the three days there either as a camper (see the Rendezvous packet for camping information), or by taking advantage of one of the many hotels close by or by making a day or two or three trip(s) over to take everything in that is being offered during the three days. Check out the arena events that you would like to take part in or watch. Enter the Art contest, or attend one of the many classes that will be offered. Don’t forget the dinners and wine and cheese social. More information can be found in the Newsletter and on BCHC’s website or on the Kern Sierra website
Tammy Bozarth, our KSU VP and State 2nd VP, came up with a great idea that was discussed voted on and passed. This is for BCHC to develop an official mascot mule. A contest will be held to submit drawings for the mascot mule (something cute). In a separate contest potential names for the mascot mule can be submitted. If we have any artists out there, get your thinking caps on and send us a cute mule. It would be wonderful to have the winning curatorship come from out Unit.

Please try to make it to the Spring Poker Ride on April 7th. If not riding just come for a hand of poker cards, lunch and a good visit. We will be gathering at the Community Hall on Caliente Creek Road, so you won’t even have to drive off the road if your pickup or car is clean! Check out the flyer in the newsletter for more information. Lunch reservations can be made even if you are not riding and would really be appreciated so we can plan on enough food and beverage.
Be sure to check out the interesting things to see on the State BCHC and National BCHA websites. Check them out sometime and you’ll find that you are part of an awesome organization!! BCHA membership is separate from BCHC, which we are part of as KSU members. Anyone wishing to become a member of the national organization. BCHA, is more than welcome to join and may do so on their website.
Hope you make it to one or both our Spring events and our Spring General Meeting that we’ll have details on next month!

Happy Trails to You All

Sylvia Chavez

KSU President