President’s Letter

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

7:18 PM

Presidents  2017 Summer News Letter

Hi everyone.  I trust you’ve all made through this long hot summer  that has seemed never ending at times.  I hope you all were able to get away from the heat for awhile and enjoy a little vacation time before having to get back to your everyday work routines.

As you know we took the three months off and now it’s time to start getting a few things going  to end out our 2017 year.  The first item on KSU’s calendar  is our regular Board Meeting on Sept 18th.  The Board Meetings are normally on the first Monday of each month but due to several conflicts we’ve had to move it to the later date.  The meeting proceed with a potluck will be held at Lynne Joiners home in Rosedale.  Dinner at 6 pm and meeting at 7 pm. We would like to get the meetings going a little earlier than in the past if possible so earlier is better than later!  Please be thinking if you feel we should try another gun raffle for the fall or pass this year?  If you have any neat ideas please let us know and we’ll bring it up at the meeting.

Our October meeting will be back on our regular day which is October 2nd,  no host dinner at 6:00 pm  followed by the Board Meeting starting no later than 7:00 pm.  Location given at a later date.  We’d like to help  members that have a distance to drive be able to head home as early as possible.  Any KSU member or  guest is welcome to attend any of our regular Board meetings and may give input on issues but won’t allowed to vote should a vote be called for.  Just a little FYI side note!

Mark Seitz and I will be attending the combined  Wilderness Rider and Leave No Trace Master Educator Course training held this year at Big Meadow Horse Camp in Sequoia September  5th thru 12th.  Lynne Joiner, Wilderness Rider and qualified Leave No Trace Master Trainer of many years will be joining us as one of the instructors as well as having other duties during the week.  We are two of eleven members throughout the state that were selected to take part in the training.  I’m excited for the learning experience followed by us being able to help and teach others the LNT practices  and represent the BCHC and U.S. Forest Service as a Wilderness Rider (most tasks do not include riding but educating the public).  We will work in concert with the Forest Service to help with their program on LNT and other issues reserved for BCH.  Tammy Bozarth, our present Vice President ,is a long time WR also and spends many hours working with school age children teaching the LNT principles.  Thank you Lynn and Tammy both for the hundreds of hours that you have given to teaching youth about our high country and how to take care or our public lands from the city park to a National Forest and Wilderness areas.    They have also donated hundreds of hours to trail work in the Golden Trout Wilderness through the years as well.

Our Annual Fall ride is being help at Mt Pinos this year.  Steve Cozzetto has graciously  volunteered to setup and lead the ride again this year.  He has assured me that this years ride will be user friendly to horses that aren’t  real legged up for any serious hill climbing or descending.  Having said that your horse should be in some type of riding shape before asking him to go on a higher altitude ride.  Those of you that joined us last year know what I’m referring to.  Steve and Tammy have been working on a fun sounding day starting with a hands packing demonstration using our lunches and drinks as the items to be packed.  After the demonstration Steve will lead the riders on a hour plus or minus ride where the lunches and drinks will be unpacked and given out.  After our lunch break you will mount back up for a return ride to the trail head where a demonstration of how to unpack an animal will be given followed by a yummy desert of some type.  Volunteer bakers welcome to apply!  Mt Pinos is in the Los Padres National Forest  in the area west of Frazier Park and is about 7,000 at the trail head so should be nice temperatures if still hot in the valley.  More information and cost to come soon.  Feel free to invite friends and guest to come join in what should be a great time for everyone.  We will keep cost as low as we can to cover our expenses and still give you a good packed in lunch. 

We will once again have our information booth setup and open for the business of letting folks know what BCHC and KSU is all about at the upcoming Cowboy Market Place at Rancho Rio Stables November 17, 18 and 19.  This is a wonderful time to recruit a few new members as well. Anyone that would like to spend sometime manning the booth with another member or two or helping setup on Friday morning the 17th please let me know.  There are many fine vendor booths with  a with assortment of country/western or equestrian related items and wonderful country Christmas ideas and gifts for sale.  Arena events each day, great  BBQ dinners and food vendors as well as Adult Beverages available.  SOOOOO mark your calendar for the weekend and come spend awhile with us in our booth, check out all the wonderful things available.  It’s a great place to meet friends for a fun afternoon.

It’s time already to start thinking about the Annual Christmas  Party and  General Meeting on Monday December 4th at the Woolgrowers.  Mark it on your calendars.  This is always a fun event and hope you’ll find it even better this year.  Our raffle is going to setup a little different this year with you being able to place your tickets  in containers in front of items that you would like possible win.  I’m asking you all to bring an item or items for the drawings this year.  It is plenty early to find something on sale that will be of less cost to you and more value to the person trying to win it.  Also you might think about asking business’ you frequent if they might have an item or gift certificate they would be willing to donate for our drawing.  New or very good condition white elephant items can also be something that someone else would really like to win.  We would like to have the items value $20  or more if possible and we can group smaller valued items if need be.  This is a very good money maker for the Unit plus can be a lot of fun for everyone.  Any members that would be interested in helping with the raffle or decorating  please let me know as volunteers are always welcome!!!  If you’ve helped in the past you’re still welcome to help, just trying to encourage members that haven’t helped in the past that might be interested to join us. 

We will have very abbreviated  Annual Meeting  then elections for the 2018 will be held during a short Board Meeting following the adjournment of the General Meeting  after the drawings are complete.  Let me know if you are interested in being a officer or willing to commit  to a Board position should one come available and I’ll get you on a list or your information to the election committee when one is organized in October or November.

Steve Cozzetto has been doing an outstanding job with the Pubic Land Issues.  Please be sure to read his report here  in the Newsletter.  He’s also written a wonderful article about the recent Sawyer Certificated training  hosted by the Kern Valley BCHC Unit.  Congratulations to the four members from our Unit that went through the two day training that Steve has in his report. 

Tammy Bozarth KSU Vice President and  Education Chairman has worked little a real trooper with the Kern County Pioneer Village’s youth programs with education.  Several of us have helped this past years and it has been a blast working with the kids.  I’m sure you’ll find lots of interesting information in her column.

Unfortunately no one other than our treasurer, Robert Anderson, signed up for the Work Project in August.  As a result it was cancelled.   It’s not to late to set another date for a work project trip to Gray.   If you’re interested to help do some trail repair,  maybe some fence work and enjoy the peace and quiet of beautiful mountain scenery let us know.  If enough members are interested we’ll try to set up another trip.  If packing is new to you we have members that can help guide with what  you need to make the trip.  A pack horse or mule is a real plus and may be shared in some cases since these are only two to three night trips so not as much food and clothing needed as on a longer trips that require more pack animals.  Gray Meadow is only a couple of hours from the trail head to the meadow and from what I’ve been told not a hard ride so not difficult for beginner back country riders.  Your horses need to be in shape and accustomed to crossing water and trail experienced.  Call Lynn if interested in being a worker KSU member.

Hope to see many of you members come take part in some if not all  of our upcoming events.  We’re hoping to have many positive things going on in 2018 as well. 

Happy Trails to You All

Sylvia Chavez

KSU President