2019 Presidents Letter

It’s a new year and as your new President I would like to start by congratulating Kathy Ervin as our new Vice President and welcoming our new Director Brian Reese  to the Board.

In our first Board meeting  January 7th we got right down to business and set our calendar for the year. We voted to send  $500 to support the One Spade Youth Packers.  If you are not familiar with this program check them out at www.onespadeyouthpackers.org/  

We also voted to send $500 to the BCHC internship program and $500 to the BCHC California Wildfire relief fund on behalf of the Kern Sierra Unit.  These funds  were available thru fundraising by this unit in the form of Rides and Raffles.  Keep that in mind when we have our next fundraiser.

We have a lot of fun activities planned for this year with the Rendezvous  and our Spring Ride just around the corner. I would like to encourage you  to mark your calendars and join in.  We are making a genuine effort to keep our Calendar of events current on our Web site http://bchckernsierra.com  Visit often for updates.

For those who haven’t visited our State website lately. We have a California Fire Fund to aid displaced stock of the devastating  California fires. So far we’ve raised $15,000. Some of the funds  have been spent on  a truck and trailer load of hay sent to the Camp fire area.   This will be an ongoing donation program to assist an on-going need.  Please visit the BCHC website at http://www.bchcalifornia.org   scroll to California Wildfire Fund  to make a contribution or contact Lynn Joiner for further information on donations.


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year

Tammy Bozarth  President  Kern Sierra Unit