Greetings fellow BCHC members and friends.

A new year is upon us and though there are some definite challenges it is also promising. There is so much to cover but let’s start with a big thank you to Tammy  Bozarth for her leadership as President over the last two years.

So many challenges this year with fires,  Covid and lockdowns but we will persevere. The fire damages this year are immense, including the cabin at Grey Meadow. We are working with the Forest Service to see if we can get it replaced. In the meantime we will be getting the pasture fence rebuilt. This will be important for hopefully working on a new cabin, a base for the tree clearing parties and just keeping the wilderness open. We have scheduled two work parties at Grey Meadow, June 3-6, 2021 and July 8-11, 2021, one at Casa Vieja August 5-8, 2021 with possibly more to come. These parties are great for the person that wants to get into the wilderness but has limited resources. All you need is a horse, a change of clothes, toiletry items and a sleeping bag. The food and your gear will be packed in for you. See the calendar for the dates. Though there is a forest order to keep the Sequoia Forest closed, work parties will be allowed.

We have had director’s meeting and we welcome the general membership to come and participate. We are using Covid protocol and they are normally on the first Monday of the month, contact me if you would like to attend to be sure of the location and if we are having a meeting that month.

In memory of one of our most dedicated and giving members, we have donated $1,000 to the BCHA Legacy Fund in Ann Lange’s name. She has fought hard for public access to the wilderness and was a pit bull when she needed to be. If you met Ann you will never forget her, always happy and positive, just a great woman. If you would like to add to the donation from Kern Sierra Unit, please contact me. I am adding $250 myself and would love to have some company.

I would like to welcome our new members:  Brysen Nixon, Tom Masters, Tom Fox and Dan Shugart.

Get your stock ready and I will see you on the trail,